Zeus Thunder Vape Pen: E-Cig and Vaping in One Pocketable Package

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Cramming what little pocket space you've got in those skinny jeans you kids are wearing with multiple vapes for multiple materials is tacky. Instead, combine all your vaping needs into a single, multi-material device like the Zeus Arsenal Thunder.

What Is It?

It's a dual-function portable vaporization pen that handles both concentrates and e-liquids with a veritable menagerie of accessories and upgradeable components.


Why Does It Matter?

Because carrying a dedicated wax pen and dedicated e-cigarette takes up too much pocket space.


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With the standard "z-wax" canister installed, the Thunder measures about 6 inches long and a half inch around, clad in a black matte PVD finish. It weighs 54 grams. The add-on "z-wax pro" and "z-oil pro" canisters add a bit of weigh but negligible height to the unit. The upgraded canisters also offer increased storage (the pro oil canister, for example, holds 2.4 ml of liquid compared to roughly 1.5 ml for the standard), a more stylish design, and generally just better quality components than what comes in the starter pack.

Using It

The 650 mAh battery charges in just under an hour via an included USB dongle and wall wart, and lasts about 400 puffs per charge, on average. Like most other pen vapes, the battery pack screws into the heating unit, which leads up to the canister itself and mouthpiece. It unlocks just as the V2 Pro does, with a series of five rapid punches to the single, face-mounted activator button. Once the unit is unlocked and loaded, you simply press the button and inhale.


Loading the canisters is quite easy. The standard wax can, which also handles finely ground loose-leaf, offers a wide mouth that easily pulls oils off of the included resin pick and works equally well with solid concentrates as well. I did run into some issues with this canister after inverting it with hot oil still in the chamber. The oil leaked into the seam between the canister and the external sleeve and solidified, which resulted in me stripping the entire heating unit the next morning.

The Pro canisters are much more reliable however. They're clad in clear acrylic with sturdier metal components, offer higher capacities, and lend a more industrial feel to the unit.



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Despite my trouble with the standard unit, you can't beat the ease, convenience, and versatility of the Thunder. Even the larger Pro cans are small enough to fit in my fifth pocket and swap out in under ten seconds.

The vapor quality is quite robust as well. Even without the ability to manually modulate the temperature, the Thunder was able to make short work of every oil, wax, and e-liquid I could throw at it. The result was always pillowy clouds of pure white vape, very nice indeed.


No Like

The e-liquid tank has a tendency to pop, crackle, and hiss when its activated. It doesn't cause any performance issues—it works fine and isn't any sort of danger—but is disconcerting until you realize it always does that. Also, don't lay on your back and puff if you don't want a mouth full of hot propylene glycol.


Should You Buy It?

It's honestly a toss up between this and the V2 3-in-1 vaporizer we looked at on Wednesday. The Thunder definitely has an advantage given that all three of its canisters are already available, though it is a bit more expensive. It retails for $100 for the base unit while the added Pro cans will run another $50 or so. Still, $150 for a full pen set that's as concealable, powerful, and long-lasting as the Zeus Arsenal Thunder (available here) is a great deal.


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I enjoy all the vape pen reviews of late.

I'll throw a suggestion out there, I have ab Itaste MVP (using a KangerTech ProTank II). What I really like about it, is that it is also a USB battery pack. Works great for me as I rarely ever carry it in my pocket (I have a Itaste VV for that).