Pebble Has Its Own Health App Now

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Pebble has been the “little wearable that could” ever since it debuted its first smartwatch on Kickstarter in 2012. Since then, the company’s added impressive hardware and software piecemeal over the last three years, and its latest addition is Pebble Health.


Building off of Pebble’s 24/7 step and sleep tracking introduced last year via Jawbone or Misfit’s apps, Pebble Health is a more fully featured application that integrates directly with Pebble’s timeline. It still counts steps and sleep, but now offers insight on how to improve sleep (by suggesting an earlier bedtime, for example) and compares your steps to your daily average rather than a preset goal.

The app was built in partnership with Stanford’s Wearable Health Lab and will only grow from here, with Pebble also releasing a Health API so developers can build virtual coaches or watchfaces leveraging Pebble Health. The little bit of bad news is that this app will only be available for Pebble’s Time series of smartwatches, including the Pebble Time, Time Steel, and Time Round. However, the app does integrate with both Google Fit and Apple Health, so you can keep track of your health no matter what smartphone to which you’re currently tethered.

To get the new Health features, make sure your Pebble app and watch are updated with firmware 3.8, and you’re good to go.



I just purchased a Pebble Time to replace my LG G Watch, and it’s wonderful that new development continues on core Pebble functions. I opted for the Pebble Time over the LG G Watch primarily due to the PT’s weight and battery life which is measured in days instead of hours.

After using my LG G Watch for about a year, I realize that given all of the cool, wiz-bang features, functions and eye candy that Android Wear offers, I find that I really only used it to tell time, display notifications, and trigger a couple daily alarms. Everything else really seemed more appropriate on my phone. And all of these functions are really the strong points of the Pebble Time’s design. And I really like the Timeline feature.

Also, I thought that I would really miss the LG’s touch screen, but the buttons on the Pebble Time really make sense, and are integrated cleanly. I feel like I have much more available more quickly at my fingertips than I did before.