Grand St.: Your One Stop Shop For Weird and Awesome Gadgets

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There have been countless invite-only sites for booze, fashion and other esoteric desirables for a long time. Before today Grand St. was an invite-only destination for heavily curated but quirkier gadgets, and starting today the site is open to everyone.


Every week Grand St. releases four to five new gadgets and offers them until they're sold out, which typically happens in less than a week. What's neat about Grand St. is that you won't find the majority of the gadgets on the site in stores. Though some can be found online elsewhere, like the Ploom Pax.

Some of the wares are discounted, but not all. Either way, the variety isn't bad and you're guaranteed to find something quirky enough for gifting purposes. And by quirky I don't mean kitschy. Well, some of it is.

In addition to the site opening up to the public, the gadget hawker is also launching its aptly named Grand St. Collection, which contains upwards of a dozen previously sold items that will be sold forever and ever on the site. You can even download the Android app and see what's new from your phone. It's a neat way to get your gadget fix, even if your wallet begs to differ. [Grand St.]


I love the clock, but I wish they'd have them assembled. I'm not that good with solder, unfortunately.