Who's the Greatest App Designer in the World Today?

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We've been looking at app design from the very beginning here at Gizmodo, breaking down apps in all their various forms—from music streaming to transit apps, from the botched abyss of app-store search to our ongoing apps of the week—and, in terms of design, there's something to learn from every app out there.


So what's the best app you've stumbled on lately? Why was it so good—and who made it? And let's include everything here: games, social, streaming, mapping, camera apps, productivity, news, digital addictions, worthless trinkets, urban transit. And, of course, what's the worst—the absolute shittiest, least usable, most worthless piece of app you've used in the past few months? How and why did it go so wrong?

What we're after is the best app designer in the world today.

After all, even industrial designers are now trying their hands at app design, and architects, too, are stepping into the field—to show only two recent examples—so it's time to take a step back, find out what makes a good app designer, and see how they do things better.

The stakes are high! Let's slog it out in the comments—with links, examples, and reasons—and figure out the best apps, and the best app designers, working anywhere in the world today.

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I nominate Rudy Hyun of Windows Phone fame. His lineup of "unofficial" apps have often exceeded the capabilities and features of OEM apps on WP8 and sometimes even fills the space of a brand that has not developed for the platform yet. His 6tinder app stimulated Tinder enough that they brought him on board to develop an official app....definitely a developer/designer to look out for!