Porn! The internet is full of it—so full, in fact, that PornHub has decided to set itself apart by running an ad campaign in the blinding, unobscured light of day. Which, for a company specializing in smut, is easier said than done.

Naturally, public ads for porn are going to take a little more finesse than the banners you see scattered across every other website, so in true internet fashion, Pornhub is relying on crowd sourcing. Back in March, the site started collecting campaign proposals, and it's finally narrowed down its picks to 15 finalists—most of which are delightfully innuendo-laden-yet-tasteful.


You can check out some of our favorites below, and head over to Pornhub's (SFW) Tumblr to see the rest and vote for your favorites. [PornHub Tumblr]

All You Need Is a Connection

One young man's journey to reconnect to his one, true love.


I guess this means they kept their socks on.

The World's Biggest Archive of Nothing

This one is basically just an ad for the entire internet.


Even mom and dad.

One-Handed Touch Typists Wanted

If this one wins, we recommend any future secretary-hopefuls make sure to read any job listings very carefully.

America's Largest DIY Website

Your move, Pinterest.

Get Off Here

Because this is exactly what you want to see when you're sitting next to a stranger for 20 minutes.

Something for Everyone

It's just like those children of the world commercials. Except, you know, for porn.