Watch the Birth of Six Adorable Baby Scorpions

The video starts slow, just a magnified view of the belly of a female scorpion. Be patient. Something amazing is about to happen. Slowly, as you watch, she’ll push her first baby out of her genital opening into the embrace of her “birth basket”–made by flexing her front two pairs of legs.


You’ll have time to marvel at its tiny, perfectly formed claws before its first sibling enters the world. Keep watching as it breaks out of its embryonic sac and unfurls its legs and tail. Its siblings will follow suit, before each climbs onto their mother’s back. Their mother will protect them and keep them moist until they go through their first molt (depending on the species, this can take as little as 3 days or as long as several weeks) and are ready to live on their own.

[Polis 1990]

Video by Scorpion Man

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Maybe it’s the color, maybe it’s the sheen, but this looks like something someone, somewhere would eat.