Everything looks cooler when made from carbon fiber, and that even applies to a deck of playing cards. But Sly Kly wants to take things one step further by engineering decks of cards made from both carbon fiber and kevlar—the same magical material that helps make vests bullet-proof. So the next time you decide to cheat during a shady backroom Poker game, your odds of surviving getting caught could be greatly improved with these cards in hand.


That's not to say you should cheat, but were things to come to that it might not be a bad idea to support Sly Kly's Kickstarter campaign. For a donation of $155 you can pre-order a deck made from both carbon fiber and kevlar with a promised delivery of sometime in June.

The folks behind it are still working on perfecting the production process to ensure the edges of the cards are smooth and properly finished, but if you're confident they'll figure it out in time you can help Sly Kly raise the $35,000 they're after on Kickstarter. If you're not, you can hold off and see how things play out, just be extra careful when playing poker with gunslingers from here on out. [Kickstarter - Carbon Fiber Playing Cards via InventorSpot]

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