According to a recent article on, the notion that poison candy is routinely distributed to unsuspecting children on Halloween is a myth perpetrated by advice columnists Dear Abby and Ann Landers in the 1980s and ’90s. But historically, candy meant for young consumers has sported poisonous-sounding, WTF wrappers and packages that most self-respecting 2013 parents would be dismayed to see dumped out of their children’s trick-or-treat bags. [, Collecting,, and]

By themselves, these brand names are reasonably innocuous, but together?

For children who are trying to kick the candy habit, I suppose.

Another product whose brand has fun, fun, fun with drug addiction.

Tough to know where to start with this one...

At least the copy writer of this candy's packaging had the good sense to put the word "flavor" below the word "chocolate" rather than "babies."

A candy classic from back in the days when nuclear weapons were cool.

Candy disguised as a toxic cleaning product. What could possibly go wrong?

Saving the best for last, in 1965, Pez made a replica of James Bond's Walther PPK handgun for a dispenser. Yes, children were encouraged to put the pistol in their mouths and pull the trigger.

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