When Marvel announced plans for a Captain Marvel movie last week, fans were overjoyed - but some still called for Black Widow to get a movie of her own. Comics writer Nathan Edmondson showed his support by writing a hypothetical 6-page script that is packed to the rafters with Romanoff goodness.

Since Marvel's Phase 3 announcement, a social media campaign has rallied around the #BlackWidowMovie tag, lauding Captain Marvel's entry to the MCU while asking 'why not have both?'. It came to the attention of Edmondson (who, alongside writing Punisher for Marvel, has written Black Widow's ongoing series since the start of 2014) on Monday, who showed his support by offering a hypothetical opener for the character's standalone movie:

And it's goddamn fantastic.

The short script sees Natasha in Berlin, infiltrating the Penthouse of a Drug smuggler named Beringer and generally kicking ass and taking names - and even ends on a delightfully knowing teaser to her past in the MCU. It's hard not to skim through it and imagine Scarlett Johansson saying the lines and twirling around in the action sequences, and hope for a Widow movie to happen one day.


For now, all we have is this lovely little script - you can read the whole thing here.

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