It would be cool to have the ability to eyeball something sitting in front of you then draw it with some semblance of accuracy, but I'll be damned if that kind of hand-eye coordination isn't tough to achieve. NeoLucida is here to help those whose artistic enthusiasm outweighs their talent.

The nifty device attaches to the side of a table, then superimposes your subject onto a sheet of paper; all you have to do is sketch what you see.

Creators Pablo Garcia and Golan Levin were inspired by the camera lucida, a pre-photography optical tool that used prisms to manage the reflection trick. Last year they ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to put the pieces into production, and they recently announced a pro-order for the second run (which will start shipping in September).

Rather than just plain old tracing, though, there's a nice opportunity here to play around with your personal techniques; futzing with the lines turn each work into something other than just a straight-up image translation.

We have a few on hand to experiment with at Gizmodo's (super-mega-exciting) Home of the Future happening this week (!), and they are really, really fun. Team Giz has been doing some beautiful portraits of each other; as you can see, even with the reflection we've still got our own, er, "unique" style.

Come visit us from May 17th to 21st, and you too can fine-tune your still-life and portraiture skills, then take home something special to display proudly on your fridge.

Purchase here for $47. [NeoLucida]