We're solidly in the middle of April, and that means large parts of the country are already experiencing some unpredictable rainstorms. And that's great, because spring rain nourishes flowers and makes everything smell good. But if you're caught outside unprepared you'll be showing up to school or work smelling like a wet dog. You need a rain jacket, and Marmot's PreCip is a great choice.

Here's the skinny on the PreCip: it uses Marmot's proprietary water-resistance technology so it's both breathable and waterproof, it packs into an interior pocket so it doesn't take up much space in your bag, and if you get the right color, you'll fit right in either in the country or the city. (Seamus Bellamy over at the Wirecutter has a great piece on the PreCip if you want to know more.) Usually this jacket costs about $100—a bargain compared to $400 Gore-Tex jackets—but Backcountry is running a solid sale at the moment, taking 35% off all Marmot gear right now including the PreCip. It's a deal to keep you dry until May flowers. [Backcountry via Wirecutter Deals]

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Not today.

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