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iGo Green Technology Line Could Cut 85% Standby Power Consumption

Illustration for article titled iGo Green Technology Line Could Cut 85% Standby Power Consumption

iGo's three new products, the Power Smart Tower, Power Smart Wall and Laptop Charger, detect when a plugged-in device isn't being used and then shut off the power being drawn from the wall—which could equal huge energy savings.


The Power Smart Tower has four of these Green outlets, four normal outlets (in case you have stuff that needs to draw power all the time) and two USB jacks, and will run $80. Its little brother, the Power Smart Wall, is meant to be wall-mounted, and has half the number of outlets and no USB jacks. It'll retail for $30 (this one is pretty tempting to me personally—seems fairly priced and a nice easy way to save some power). Finally, the diminutive laptop charger, helpfully named Laptop Charger, only charges your computer when it actually needs it, and offers an additional plug for a mobile device. That one'll run you $100. All three products are available now from iGo's site. [Krunker via Ubergizmo]

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Unplugging is free & not buying a huge power sucking device is even cheaper but may be considered un-American behavior by some.