IKEA Recalls Safety Gates For Hurting Children

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Only weeks after recalling 29 million dressers that killed three children, IKEA has issued another recall, this time for safety gates.

IKEA is recalling some 80,000 “Patrull” safety gates for the same reason it recalled the dressers: They pose a fall risk because the locking mechanism can open unexpectedly. So far, IKEA has received 55 reports of incidents. In 10 of those incidents, children suffered cuts and bruising, while two incidents resulted in concussions.


IKEA is offering a full refund for the safety gates.

Here are the safety gates that are being recalled:

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IKEA and the Consumer Product Safety Association did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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Interesting headline. I didn’t realize there were “Safety Gates For Hurting Children"