I understand that this song is polarizing. You either love it or you hate it. I realized that I loved it when I was backstage with some friends before a classical clarinet concert. I know, just stay with me for a second. We were backstage and I had Barbra Streisand stuck in my head. I was sort of wandering around and I saw a sign that said "Artists' Restroom," which struck me as totally hilarious. We were all joking about whether or not non-"artists" were allowed to use the bathroom when I realized that it fit perfectly in "Barbra Streisand" aka any two words that are two syllables each will fit. So the song is catchy and customizable. Plus I really want that chair in the video at 2:16. So rough baby baby baby baby baby. So rough Barbra Barbra Barbra Barbra Barbra. [Amazon, iTunes, Spotify]