Although the upgraded version of Uso Ewin's Victory Gundam, the splendidly-titled V-Dash Gundam, isn't the most exciting Mobile Suit Design in the long running Gundam franchise, in toy form it certainly looks rather fabulous.

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This new figure from Bandai is out in Japan this month, and features the V-Dash variant of Victory Gundam - in the series, the Mech was given a backpack add-on that added some thrusters to the suit as well as two beam cannons, because it's Gundam and there should be beam cannons everywhere god dammit.

The toy, part of the Robot Spirits line of toys, is based on the original model in the line for the Victory, first released in 2011, understandably as it's basically the same figure just with a backpack. But the V-Dash also has some improved articulation, as well as a fancy stand to pose it all flying around and being Mobile-Suity, setting it apart from the original model.


Not content with two big-ass Beam cannons? V-Dash also comes with a Beam-Smart gun, a beam rifle, a beam saber, a translucent beam shield and a swishy beam effect piece to make the V-Dash look like it's mid-swing with the sword - told you, it's Gundam, BEAMS FOR ALL.

You'll have to import the V-Dash if you want one now for 4,860 yen (around 40 bucks) - but if you don't want to deal with shipping charges, the model is currently available for preorder on for $42, ahead of a March 15th release date.



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