Video: These shotgun shells made with Lego can kill you

Given enough force you can probably kill with anything you want—so it's not surprising to see these custom Lego shotgun shells inflicting such damage on metal and plastic. If any of these hit your soft flesh on the right place, it would be way more lethal than any brick left on any rug.


Imagine Getting Shot in the Face with this Lego Shotgun Shell

What's more terrifying than stepping on a brick during a late-night walk to the fridge for some ice cream? How about getting shot in the face with a Lego shotgun shell from a 12 gauge!

In order for a custom Lego shotgun shell to have any sort of impact, you need to get the weight right. Here's a good how-to video for all you gun enthusiasts:

Though I'm a Lego lover not a fighter, you can take my Lego shotgun shells when you can pry them from my cold dead hands. Or something like that. [Guns]


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