In a New Look at Star Trek: Picard, Jean-Luc's a Man on a Mission

Picard’s back, and he’s not here to fuck about.
Picard’s back, and he’s not here to fuck about.
Image: CBS

We might be just over a month away from Star Trek: Picard, but now we can while away the wait with a short, but oh so sweet new look at the series—one that gives us tiny new hits at the familiar threats Jean-Luc Picard faces in his latest mission, as well as a reminder of the past that haunts him.


CBS has just released a brief new spot for the series (that, perplexingly, is currently only available on Facebook) that, while short, more than makes up for it with a bunch of intriguing new shots, underscored by a simple sentiment from Picard himself: “I was haunted by my past,” the former Captain of the Enterprise tells us. “But now, I have a mission. I will do what needs to be done.”

There’s plenty of intriguing shots in here—more of what is presumably a dream sequence with Data, wearing the old TNG movie-era uniform, and scenes of Jean-Luc in what looks like the Ten Forward lounge as a planet (Romulus, maybe?) burns in the viewports. There’s a flashing glimpse of a Borg drone, giving us a fleeting glimpse of their updated look. And speaking of Borg, there’s even a little more Seven of Nine, including a repeat of that glorious shot of her going in all-phasers-blazing.

But it’s not just the familiar teased here we get to see a little more of what Picard’s new mission is: protecting Dahj (Isa Briones) and discovering the truth behind her mysterious connections to both the Borg Collective and what’s left of the Romulans.

It’s all very mysterious—and we’ll no doubt at least get some answers when Star Trek: Picard hits CBS All Access January 23.

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I dunno if it’s his age, or the lines of dialogue, but he sounds WAY more like Professor Xavier more than Picard.

Either way, I’m setting the bar super low for this being good. That way if it’s at the very least “meh”, then I’ll be able to watch it.