In the Adventure Time: Distant Lands Trailer, BMO Is Here to Save a 'Terrible Land'

BMO is anything but shy about their abilities.
BMO is anything but shy about their abilities.
Image: HBO Max (YouTube)

An alien world stands on the brink of destruction. All hope seems to be lost. That is, until Adventure Time’s handheld video game console arrives to save the day.


A new trailer has arrived for the first episode in the Adventure Time: Distant Lands limited series on HBO Max, which stars the wacky and appropriately overconfident BMO on an journey into the farthest reaches of space. They find themselves on a distant planet/space station, which is on the brink of war, ecological disaster, and who knows what else. Will they be able to be the hero everyone needs? I mean, duh, it’s BMO.

“BMO” is the first of four hour-long Adventure Time: Distant Lands episodes that will make their debut on HBO Max, two years after the series ended in 2018. This one will be followed by “Obsidian,” which stars Marceline and Princess Bubblegum on a mission to save the Glass Kingdom. We’re also anticipating a prequel story about Peppermint Butler, as well as a Finn and Jake reunion episode appropriately titled “Together Again.”

HBO Max has not revealed a release date for “BMO” or any of the other special episodes, but noted that it’s “coming soon.” HBO Max itself launches May 27.

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Chick Counterfly

This made me feel so much joy, to a level that I haven’t felt in a long time. Love and joy. Joy brought from knowing that I will see and hear more of this story and its message of love, understanding, and citizens helping others in a community in times of need, serving others by putting themselves in peril.

I think that Adventure Time should be given consideration as a “forever show” like The Simpsons or Doctor Who.