Network for Police Monitoring coordinator Kevin Blowe told the Guardian that the order appeared to violate due process, saying “A ban has to be made by the home secretary. Our reading of it is that the section 14 powers are supposed to be used with caution because people still have a right to protest and potentially this is unlawful, and there is no other way to put it.”

Blowe added that Section 14 authorizes police “restricting a number of people for a particular duration of time,” not a blanket ban, and that he believed there is a legal case to be made the police have opened themselves to a “potential legal challenge.”


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has largely opposed climate legislation and urged police to use the “full force of the law” against Extinction Rebellion despite his father appearing at the protest in Trafalgar Square to lend them his support. The BBC reported last week that amid remarks from Johnson that the protesters were “uncooperative crusties,” the Home Office had confirmed it was reviewing police powers around protests after receiving a letter from Dick, the police commissioner.

One of the arrests in the square on Monday was of Jeffrey Newman, a 77-year-old rabbi leading some 30 Jewish activists in the protest, the Times of Israel reported.

“We are in a period of enormous catastrophic breakdown and, if it takes an arrest to try to find ways of helping to galvanize public opinion, then it is certainly worth being arrested,” Newman said before his arrest.


In a statement on Extinction Rebellion’s website, the group said that “Extinction Rebellion will let the Trafalgar Square site go tonight. The International Rebellion continues.”

“It’s impossible, at least for me, to read the Bible of Prophets without recognizing how much we’re rooted in the Earth, in social justice, in an awareness of the world around us, and, attempting to give all that we have on its behalf seems to me the highest calling towards God,” Newman said in the statement. “The highest principle is the saving of life, pikuach nefesh, there isn’t anything more that we’re doing here in Extinction Rebellion than being aware that millions, or hundreds of millions of people, already are at threat because of the changing climate, and if you add in future generations then … this is where we have to be.”


Despite the police directive, the group continued protests on Tuesday throughout London. In a WhatsApp group, Extinction Rebellion members said that the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens site was also being cleared by police despite assurances they could stay. Bradbrook, the group co-founder, was also arrested for take a hammer to the glass facade of the Department of Transportation.