iOS 4 Jailbroken Within a Day of First Release

A Gold Master release of iOS 4 (née iPhone OS) was seeded to developers yesterday. And the next iPhone's software has been surprisingly accommodating to jailbreakers' attempts to crack it wide open.


The current technique was finagled from existing jailbreak software (Pwnagetool, specifically) by msft.guy. On top of this prerelease hack, the iPhone Dev Team is claiming to have an unlock of their own nearly prepped for iOS 4 final, to be released within a month (presumably to coincide with the release of iPhone 4). In other words, come iOS 4's official release, you should be able to jailbreak your handset—or at least your iPhone 3GS. (Nobody's been able to test the exploit on an iPhone 4.

Instructions for trying the current jailbreak, for 3GS only, are available here, but it's probably a bad choice: The final release of the software is set for the end of this month, at which point the jailbreaking process will likely be streamlined (and anointed by the Dev Team), and after which your jailbreak will last longer than a few weeks. [RedmondPie]



As much as OS 4 adds, I still want to jailbreak if for nothing else than the MyWi app to get free wifi tethering. A second and nearly as important reason is Intelliscreen, since OS 4 does not add a custom lock screen or persistent repeating calendar alarms.

But we won't know whether Apple has added an impenetrable barrier to the iPhone 4 hardware, or even an added level of security to the FINAL OS 4 that we haven't seen yet. They've done this before with the 3GS. Jailbreakers eventually got around it but it too a lot of time.

In any case, I probably can't be patient enough to wait and see. I'll be preordering my iPhone 4 on the 15th and crossing my fingers for a quick jailbreak. At least I have a jailbroken iPad to do MyWi in a pinch.