iOS 8.2 Has Been Jailbroken Before It's Even Released

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The 8.2 version of iOS is still in beta and unavailable to non-developers, but that hasn't stopped Chinese-based outfit TaiG from breaking it free from Apple's shackles (and also jailbreaking 8.1.1, the current release, in the process).


It looks like a simple enough process: download the jailbreak utility, connect an iOS device over USB, and click your way through a couple of menus. Redmond Pie has a good walkthrough for both Mac and Windows if you need a little more hand-holding (or don't read Chinese, for that matter).

Of course, there's always the question of whether or not you need to jailbreak your iDevice these days. iOS 8 brought changes like third-party keyboards and widgets, changes that've long been the main reason why people risked dodgy third-party software to jailbreak. [Redmond Pie]

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NOPE! im not trusting any jailbreaks from China.