iPhone 4 Unboxing Video

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Here you have it: The iPhone 4 is already arriving to people's homes. Watch this guy taking all that Designed-in-California goodness out of its box. The only surprise: Apple decided to save $0.0000000001 and didn't include the SIM ejector tool.


The packaging seems similar to previous generation. Tight and minimalistic, complete with wall power adapter, sync cable, and headphones. You will have to use your own clip to open the SIM slot.

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Never understood the concept of un-boxing videos after the device has already been launched.

Yes we know you bought the damn thing, your twitter feed is all about "OMFG I LOVE MY NEW PHONE" and "WOW I HAVENT SEEN A TWITTER UPDATE IN 30 MINUTES!" followed 3 days later by "OMG (next device version) WILL HAVE (another feature), I CAN'T WAIT!"

It's like you want people to know that you have it, as if you're proud of it.

But I guess it just stems from the excitement of having "a new toy," and just like when you were little, you'll completely lose your infatuation with it over time. Enjoy it while it lasts.