iPhone OS, Android, and Windows Mobile In Perfect Harmony

See, a guitar made up of phones isn't just about the music. It's about bringing people together. And by "people" I mean mobile operating systems. Presenting two Android and WinMo devices and an iPod Touch, united to play Cracklin Rosie.


More information on the project, from the artist himself:

I decided to create the same mobile app - a small piano/drum sequencer thing - on 3 mobile platforms: Android, Windows Mobile and iPhone OS. As a developer I didn't quite succeed: audio latency is a b*tch and building the app from the same source proved to be possible but unusable, so I ended up writing it three times: in java for android, in C# for windows mobile and in Objective-C for iPhone... To play them all at once I just taped them on a piece of wood together with a battery powered speaker. Add lots of audio cables and TADAAA: a very playable guitar shaped instrument that makes a hell of a noise... I added Pocket Stompbox, a virtual amp with lots of great real time effects and of course the FANTASTIC iShred app from Frontierdesign.

Terrific! Can it play Party In the USA? [YouTube via Buzzfeed]



Talk about a show stopper!

Yeah, Yeah, I know you can put your phone in airplane mode, but I couldn't help but point out another reason why Apple needs to get their shit together on push notifications. Still hoping the new hardware will solve this problem somehow.