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This week at iLounge: Thanks to yesterday's foiled terrorist plot to blow up airliners, travelers are now faced with the specter of a ban on in-cabin use of iPods. Compromises are necessary, but is an iPod ban going too far? Our latest editorial asks what we — and the government — should be doing in the name of flight safety.

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In accessory coverage, we take a look at the 5G iPod's second and best yet recording accessory, XtremeMac's brand new MicroMemo Digital Audio Recorder, which combines a flexible microphone with a tiny speaker for easy iPod recording and listening. Long-suffering podcasters finally have a tool to make great CD-quality recordings on the road without breaking the bank.


Looking for a way to integrate your iPod into your car without compromising on audio quality? We've assembled a massive page full of information on all the car integration options out there, called the iPod Your Car Central Information Hub. If it's important and out there, it's on this page.

Also, smaller developer SwitchEasy unveils KuroDock, a black iPod nano dock with a white-hot light bar on its front, and Belkin reveals the SportCommand, a weather-resistant remote control armband that lets you safely stow your iPod away while you're outdoors.

In iNews, Apple added programming from A&E, The Biography Channel and The History Channel to the iTunes Music Store, and also announced that Bob Dylan's new album "Modern Times" will be offered through an exclusive pre-order on iTunes. Apple also launched its "Summer of Music" promotion in Japan, offering free music from iTunes, collectible iTunes Cards and exclusive live performances at Apple retail stores. Plus, the DVD Copy Control Association said it plans to allow consumers to legally burn downloaded movies onto blank DVD; Lollapalooza teams with Apple on a sampler album, setlists and live recordings; and it was reported that the BBC is in talks with technology companies to develop an add-on digital radio device for iPods.

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