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This week at iLounge: after last week's look at how super-premium earphones are custom-fit to meld with your ear canals, we've disassembled a pair of Apple's packed-in iPod earbuds to show you photographically what's actually sitting inside the ears of most iPod owners. We also stopped by our local Burger King to bring you details on Frypod, the fast food company's new invention that's sure to inspire either a nastygram from Apple Legal or a full-fledged lawsuit, and a story on why your favorite FM transmitter may be violating the law.

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We also took looks at several interesting new iPod accessories, including iHome's $200 iH52 multi-component home system, which delivers basically all the best features of other iPod audio systems (radio, iPod dock, RF remote control, big speakers) in a single purchase, and Mirage's $300 OmniVibe, which allows you to hear music in a 360-degree field surrounding the all-in-one black enclosure. Gemini also delivered iTRAX, its iPod DJ mixing console that looks a lot like last year's not-so-cool iDJ, but adds a replaceable crossfader and additional audio spectrum adjustments.


Apple this week confirmed that it will hold a special event on Tuesday, September 12th at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater in San Francisco, California. Reports say that Apple will use the event next week to add full-length movie downloads to the iTunes Music Store, but that the company has so far only signed up Disney and no other major Hollywood studio. Plus, Apple files a patent application for a "multi-functional handheld device," iPod manufacturer Foxconn drops its defamation lawsuit it filed against two Chinese journalists, and SanDisk launches a clone of Apple's "Made for iPod" program — "Made for Sansa."