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This week at iLounge: You might already have heard (ahem) about that Showtime event earlier this week - you know, the one where Apple introduced three new iPods, a media router, and iTunes 7 - but now that the dust has settled, we've brought you the world's best coverage of all the new products and announcements there.

Our comprehensive review of the Second-Generation iPod nano is already live, with photos of all five new colors and three capacities (2GB/4GB/8GB), battery life and audio quality tests, and much more. The new nano is stacked up against two iPods it has replaced - the iPod mini and first nano - and impressively comes out ahead. A separate article looks at the nano's new audio recording capabilities, as well.

Not interested in the nano? Our extensive early hands-on descriptions and photographs of the Enhanced iPod (with video) have been bulked up by unboxing photographs and comparisons against the prior 5G model, while exclusive comparison shots of the Second-Generation iPod shuffle show how the "smallest MP3 player" on the planet looks alongside Apple's earlier iPod Radio Remote and original iPod shuffle. A First Look at Apple's upcoming iTV shows off how the company intends to invade your living room - unfortunately, at a crazy $299 price.


In accessory news, we also took a First Look at iHome's iH7R - beefed-up sequel to the 3-million-selling iH5 Clock Radio - and reviewed a true Bose SoundDock replacement, Athena's iVoice Wall Mountable Speaker. We also got our hands on the very first new iPod nano accessory - the updated iPod nano Lanyard Headphones - and looked at Apple's smaller-than-ever USB charger.