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This week at iLounge: We've now posted our full comprehensive reviews of Apple's brand-new enhanced 5G iPod and second-generation iPod nano, both of which offer even better value and performance than the models introduced last year. Also added are reviews of several new iPod and nano accessories - Apple's new small Power Adapter, iPod nano Lanyard Headphones, and iPod nano Dock.

But if you're one of the people who was disappointed that Apple didn't release a bigger-screened video iPod, good news: now you have three options. This week, we completed our full reviews of Memorex's 8.4"-screened iFlip and Sonic Impact's Video-55 (previously known as iKaleidoscope and K-1) - the results will surprise you. Both deliver significantly better movie viewing experiences than iLuv's earlier i1055, recently re-released as the Zeon Z1055.

In the news this week, Apple quietly updated the special edition U2 iPod to bring it in line with the current enhanced 5G iPod, and also slashed prices on a number of refurbished iPod models. Plus, Apple sold more than 125,000 movie downloads in the first week they were available from the iTunes Store; iTunes users and iPod owners are complaining about numerous bugs in iTunes 7; and more than 1 million miles have been logged by runners using the Nike+iPod Sport Kit.