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This week at iLounge: After a very dry summer for iPod accessories, the holiday season new product rollout is kicking into full swing, and companies are starting to bring out the cool toys they've been working on all year. At the top of the list is Logitech's AudioStation, the rare iPod speaker system that is actually worth caring about these days. With powerful, fully user-adjustable audio, external antennas for both AM and FM radio, and a Universal iPod Dock controlled by a backlit, touch-sensitive panel, AudioStation is a Bose SoundDock killer at the same $300 price. By comparison, the triple-driver, premium Ultimate Ears 10 Pro earphones we mentioned in the last iPodweek fell short of Shure's remarkable E500s in sound quality, but still cost less.

We also took a look at several other big new speakers: JVC's new NX-PS1 is its first iPod-compatible component speaker system, which despite lacking a real iPod dock looks really good next to an iMac computer. Saffire's JukeBox Station is a 60-plus-pound miniature jukebox with an iPod dock, which is at the very least eye-catching, assuming you get it home in one piece, and iWoogie Blaster is a cheaper, slanted version of Apple's Hi-Fi. Finally, Monitor Audio's new i-deck compact compromises on the British audio company's great-sounding i-deck component stereo system to bring users a smaller, cheaper, and boomier all-in-one option with similar styling.