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This week at iLounge: In an attempt to find interesting new accessories other than speakers to highlight, we focused our review efforts this week on several other innovative products - three athletic remote controls from Belkin (SportCommand), Scosche (Wireless RF Sport Remote), and Monster Cable (iEZClick), designed to let you keep your iPod safe while snowboarding, bike riding, or whatever else you might want to do outdoors in tough weather conditions.

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We also reviewed Griffin's iTalkPro, the third voice recorder to work with fifth-generation iPods and second-generation iPod nanos, and took a First Look at Streaming Networks' iRecord, a two-button recording device that creates iPod-ready videos and dumps them on to your 5G iPod.


But more speaker reviews were also inevitable - they just keep on coming. First were two Made for iPod speakers from JVC: the RA-P10 portable audio system with a clock radio and integrated thermometer, and the NX-PS1 Component speaker system, which matches both Macs and iPods. We also reviewed Logitech's tiny tube-like mm32, and took a First Look at XtremeMac's Tango, which offers a design similar to Apple's iPod Hi-Fi at a much lower price, and actually sounds (mostly) quite good.

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