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This week at iLounge: As you might have heard, we've been incredibly busy over the last month assembling our 2007 iPod Buyers' Guide, a completely free, magazine-style source book to all of the best iPod accessories currently on the market. Besides our Best of 2006 awards, the Guide includes a complete history of the iPod and iTunes, a massive pictorial section called The iPod Home, and an incredible number of new iPod accessory previews and reviews. At 180 pages, the free Guide is our best one ever, and we hope you enjoy it.

This week, both the iLounge web site and the Guide were updated to include our comprehensive review of the new second-generation iPod shuffle, which is impressively small and has surprising battery life, but isn't quite up to snuff sound-wise with other current model iPods. Comparative photographs show the shuffle, its predecessors, and its lookalike iPod Radio Remote, too.


Also: we've posted reviews of two wearable video displays, MicroOptical's myvu Made for iPod Edition, and Icuiti's iWear Video Eyewear, rating myvu as the current reigning champ in this category. At $299, these displays aren't right for everyone, but travelers might find them preferable to staring down at the iPod's small screen for hours at a home. Finally, we launched a new feature called iPod Stars, this week interviewing celebrity disc jockey DJ-AM and LA Kings center Sean Avery. Check it out!

In the news this week, Apple said it is seeing a large amount of consumer interest in its second-generation iPod shuffle. News Corp. is having "positive talks" with Apple about bringing its Fox movie library to the iTunes Store, while Disney has now sold nearly 500,000 movies and approximately 12 million ABC shows on the iTunes Store. Plus, Apple added select Sundance Channel programming to the iTunes Store, iLuv introduced two pairs of Bluetooth headphones, and Griffin Technology shows off its first iPod speaker systems.

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