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This week at iLounge: In preparation for next week's massive Apple events, we've created a master list of important vendors to help you quickly get the big picture on what's happening. And we're sending the lawyers after iLounge content thieves! Plus: iPods down Mexico way, and more. All the details, after the jump.

Macworld Expo 2007 is coming, and as always, iLounge is ready for the massive volume of new product announcements that will take place. Three new articles - The Complete Guide to Macworld Expo, part 1 (overview, A-C), part 2 (D-O) and part 3 (P-Z) are now online, and being updated with new product information every day leading up to and through the show. Bookmark them now, and come back to visit for all of the news that's worth sharing next week!


In other news, some blatant, sleazy iLounge content thieves are about to get served. As announced this week on the Your Mac Life radio show, lawyers are going after two sites that have been ripping off articles and photos from iLounge and reposting them as their own. The full story, along with why this was the last resort, not our preference, is here.

Recent reviews include a complete look at Silex's first-ever wireless iPod dock, the wiDock, as well as a great new iPod nano case called Slyder from Marware, and JBL's first pair of in-canal earbuds, Reference 220. We've also taken First Looks at Newer Technology's TRAFFICJamz FM transmitter and car charger, and checked out the iPod scene in Ensenada, Mexico, complete with photos.

In iPod and iTunes news this week, it was reported that Apple was sued for patent infringement over the Nike+iPod Sport Kit. Days later, it was revealed that defunct online movie provider Intertainer has also filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging patent infringement relating to the distribution of digital media over the Internet. More legal trouble came from Luxpro, the Taiwan-based electronics maker behind the infamous iPod shuffle clone. Luxpro said it plans to countersue Apple for $100 million. In better news for the company, the NPD group said Apple once again dominated holiday sales of digital audio players, increasing its market share from last year.