iPodWeek - The Best of iLounge

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This week at iLounge: Macworld's over, and there are two camps of people out there: those who need a recap, and those who want to move on. Good news: iLounge has lots of new stuff this week for both to chew on.


If you're looking for a recap, iLounge's Complete Guide to the 2007 Macworld Expo is now available in four parts — skip to our Best of Show winners if you want to see only the best new iPod gear we saw, or go through parts 1 (Apple and companies A-C), 2 (companies D-O), and 3 (companies P-Z) to get comprehensive details on major accessory announcements. We've also created massive "here's all the info you need"-style guides to Apple's iPhone and Apple TV, because we know you want them.

What's new? First Looks at more than 30 new products, many actually worthwhile. New iPod shuffle owners will dig the Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle, which lets you hear and charge the shuffle through popular iPod speaker systems, as well as Power Support's Silicone Jacket, which protects the aluminum body from scrapes and dings. iPod nano users will like iSkin's new Duo and Vibes cases, and pretty much anyone with an HDTV will like XtremeMac's new XtremeHD cables — over 6 feet of HDMI and/or DVI cabling with gold-plated connectors, for only $20.

In the news this week, Apple announced that it shipped over 21 million iPods during the busy holiday shopping quarter (read our notes from Apple's quarterly conference call). It was also reported that Apple plans to open up its FairPlay copy-protection technology to licensed iPod accessory makers. Plus, Apple will see a nearly 50 percent gross margin on each iPhone it sells according to an estimate by iSuppli.