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This week at iLounge: Thanks to Apple, the week's biggest iPod news was "colored aluminum," as four new iPod shuffle colors - orange, pink, green, and blue - joined the earlier silver 1GB shuffle at $79 price points. For all the details, check out our photo gallery, updated iPod shuffle review, and 5 key facts you want to know.

Stuck with a silver shuffle? Good news: we've reviewed a bunch of different color-shifting options, including a wide variety of cheap snap-on shields from JAVOedge. JAVO's ClearCase lets you orange out your silver shuffle, and its metal Shields offer green, blue, pink and red options - not bad for their very low prices. Taking a different angle, Power Support's highly protective shuffle Silicone Jacket also found its way under the review microscope this week, and was named the best case for the second-generation shuffle.


Also: For those looking to update their earphones, we tested two new $100 options - Sweden's impressive d-JAYS in-canal earphones, and iSkin's stylish new Cerulean X1 earbuds, which are a lot like Sony's well-known MDR-EX70 series in shape. We also reviewed JBL's skinnable, flower-shaped Spyro speaker system for girls, and took First Looks at Vuum Audio's vacuum tube speaker system VTi-B1, Timex's new Ti700 dual alarm clock tower, and much more.

News: In a joint statement, Apple and Cisco said that negotiations over the iPhone trademark had resumed, and that legal proceedings will be delayed until Apple can respond to Cisco's lawsuit. The NFL announced that it will make highlights from this year's Super Bowl available for purchase the following day at the iTunes Store. And according to Luxembourg's economy minister, Apple plans to launch iTunes Store video sales this spring in Europe

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