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This week at iLounge: You may have already heard about Saying iDo, our new feature article on iPod-assisted weddings, but if you haven't seen it, it's worth checking out. Even if you're not as obsessive as some of the ideas might suggest (iLounge's editors would never - yeah, never - bring iPod cakes to our weddings), other parts, like proofing wedding photography on your iPod and downloading planning or actual wedding videos in iPod format, will impress you. Separately, we've looked at one of the best laptop bags we've ever used, BBP Bags' Hamptons model, and discussed some of the likely but surprising ramifications of Apple's recent agreement with the Beatles, and "Thoughts on Music" essay.


In First Looks: We've reached the point where we're no longer surprised by the fact that new iPod speakers are arriving every day or two, but the company names keep changing. After last week's release of the first Timex alarm clock for iPods, this week saw the unexpected debut of Sony's first speaker system - the oddly-named CPF-iP001 Cradle Audio for iPod, a $250 2.1-channel mini system with a large dedicated subwoofer. And Chestnut Hill Sound launched George, which at $549 is the most expensive all-in-one iPod desktop clock radio we've yet seen. What justifies these prices? In Sony's case, the Sony brand name, and in George's, a sophisticated LCD-screened remote control, and substantial user-customizability.

In Reviews: We looked at two under-$10 ways to use the Nike + iPod Sport Kit without more expensive Nike+ sneakers, one from Marware, and one from SwitchEasy, plus a new photo-customizable case from Griffin called iClear Custom, and the black-and-red Special Edition Claro case from iSkin.

In News: Apple CEO Steve Jobs shocked many with a well-written open letter on digital rights management (DRM). Jobs called for the major music labels to drop DRM. Reaction to Jobs' letter was mixed. TicketMaster announced that it will offer pre-orderers of certain iTunes Store album releases priority ordering rights for the artists' live concert tickets. Plus, Prudential Securities research analyst Jesse Tortora believes the next iPod could "include a wider touch-screen, Wi-Fi and GPS."