This week at iLounge: We love reader comments. Love them. So this week, we launched a series of three "our opinions, your opinions" pieces where we and you get the opportunity to speak out on recent developments in the iPod, Apple TV, and iPhone spheres. Our favorite piece of the bunch, Will Apple TV Succeed ?, is generating lots of interesting commentary, while our latest edition, Is iPhone Still Exciting?, just launched this morning. We also asked whether iPod Games have succeeded or flopped in a third piece, iPod Games: Boon, Bust, or Test?. Join the discussions and add your views today.

In reviews and First Looks: We've taken the razor to Philips' new $200 DCP850, a 8.5" portable video screen and DVD player with an iPod dock and remote control, comparing it to its three previously released rivals. We also posted First Looks at iLuv's new i182 video recorder for the iPod, capable of one-touch creation of videos, and DLO's second-generation HomeDock Deluxe, an iPod-to-TV dock that lets you browse your music and video collections on any television set. Marware's new Travel Dock for iPod shuffle is one of many new shuffle and nano accessories added to our ever-expanding catalog of iPod add-ons, too.


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