This time last week, we were busy doing comprehensive tests on that controversial new $299 Apple thing—you know, Apple TV—to see what it was and wasn't capable of doing. The result: our mammoth Apple TV review, which takes you through the unit's video, audio, and photo performance (and problems), including details you haven't seen anywhere else. We've also built an All Things Apple TV resource page full of additional information, links to discussion forums, and accessory details such as reviews of XtremeMac's line of XtremeHD cables for Apple TV. Reasonably priced, well-built HDMI and optical/TOSLINK cables are only two of the company's five nicely designed options.

Also, we've had the chance to play with a whole bunch of legitimately interesting new accessories since our last update. Philips' DCD778 under-cabinet system adds a flip-out 8.5" LCD monitor, DVD player, and iPod dock to your kitchen or bathroom, though (surprise) the price tag may make you look elsewhere. Brookstone's new SongPlay Music System offers a cool almost globe-like speaker system with metal grille and illuminated iPod dock, and Hearing Components' recent Comply NR-10 earphones include new coated, tapered foam earpieces that we think are the comfort- and noise-isolation-providing tips of the future. Also, Alive Style's PopAlive Remote and Dock provides the least expensive color LCD remote control for iPods we've yet seen, and ADS Tech's Instant Video To-Go H.264 accelerator gets reviewed, making iTunes-ready movies faster than ever, but with some odd performance kinks you'll want to read about. Enjoy!