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This week at iLounge: With the dust just beginning to settle after the release of Apple TV, one thing that's obvious is that no one seems to be fully satisfied with its out-of-the-box functionality. Whether you're struggling to make HDTV-ready, Apple-compliant videos, hoping for a bigger hard drive, or need to add support for more video file formats, our brand new Complete Guide to Apple TV Optimization has the pointers you need. Separately, we also looked at why the device needs full access to the iTunes Store, not just a few scattered "Buy now" buttons, in order to be the real media device of the future.


Sick of all the Apple TV coverage? We hear you. We also played with some new accessories this past week, most notably Altec Lansing's iM600, which is tied in our book for bragging rights to the "best $150-or-less portable iPod speaker system" badge. Packing an FM radio, very good sound, and one of the nicest-looking bodies we've yet seen in an iPod speaker dock, iM600 works with all iPods, and is a big step over the earlier, nano-only iM500 we thought was better on looks than sound.

Traveling with your iPod? We've also done a few reviews of power chargers, including XtremeMac's "charge it everywhere" InCharge Traveler, with airplane, car, and wall chargers, plus two chargers from Griffin: the car and wall PowerDuo travel, and the wall-only PowerBlock travel. All three chargers come with international wall blades so you're ready to top off the iPod's battery overseas.


This week's Backstage entries were also especially notable. We checked out some cool metal MacBook accessories from Japan's Power Support, including a laptop-to-monitor stand and a tilting tray. Controversially, we also entered into the debate over whether a Zune subscription/subsidization program would make sense. Could Apple bury Microsoft by rolling out an iPod financing plan? Add your comments to the discussion thread.

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