This week at iLounge: We finally got our hands on the Razer Pro|Type Keyboard, but unfortunately the "I have an iPod dock" cachet couldn't overcome the device's overall awkwardness. We also checked out the Logic3 Crystal Armor Case for iPod with video, and found it to be somewhat of an overachiever, offering excellent protection (albeit with less-than-seductive style) and solid value. We updated our review of the XtremeMac Luna Alarm Clock + Room Audio System for iPod to reflect a new product rev that includes improved FM reception and a fix for a possible reversed stereo problem โ€” unfortunately, there is no way to easily tell one Luna's box from another.

We got our first looks at the Griffin Courier for iPod and the Griffin iVault for nano. While the Courier brought innovation and functionality, it also displayed so-so build quality. The iVault for nano looked like it may be a solid case, with features like magnetic closure and a rubber Dock Connector cover. We also have some good news for our international readers: we added a translation feature that provides Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Greek, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean translations of most iLounge content.


In the news: With Apple TV fever dying down, the spotlight was back on the iPhone when Apple blamed the upcoming cell for Leopard's delay. Buzz surrounding a possible iTunes subscription service also kicked up this week, with reports stating that not only was Apple already working on one, but that the labels themselves are asking them to offer a subscription-based plan. Add to that a rumor that USI and Foxconn have both been tapped as manufacturing partners on a Wi-Fi iPod, and the Philips/DLO acquisition, and it's been quite a busy week at iLounge.