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This week at iLounge: Everyone's been talking this week about the Griffin Technology Dock Adapter for iPod shuffle, a way to let the second-generation shuffle play or charge on myriad dock-sporting iPod speaker systems. We've already reviewed it, along with Harman Kardon's EP730 and EP720 High-Fidelity Noise-Isolating Earphones, which turned out to be less impressive than their other Etymotic Research-designed cousins. We also played with the Brookstone SongPlay Music System for iPod, and enjoyed the design of the speakers, including the illumination behind the iPod, as much as we did their sound.

We got our first look at the Griffin Technology AirDock Docking Station with Remote, a stylish docking and charging option for 4G and 5G iPods, minis, and nanos, and also took a look at the Blue Raven Video iPod Battery Replacement Kit, one of the first do-it-yourself battery replacement kits for the fifth-generation iPod. Finally, we got our hands on the Sierra Sound iN Studio 5.0, which combines "studio monitoring quality" speakers with an iPod Universal Dock, and are available in black, white and the unfortunate red we received.

Backstage at iLounge this week contains a doozy: exclusive first details on a breakthrough new earphone design from Ultimate Ears, and discussion of Maroon 5's mysterious album disappearance from the iTunes Store. We also shared a few of our Thoughts on Premium iPod Speakers, pricey new additions to the ever-expanding iPod accessory market. Our thoughts? Buy based on sound, not on price. We also took a deeper look at the Consequences of iPhone's early debut, questioning whether the negative consequences of the device's early introduction outweigh Apple's reasons for the premature unveiling.


In The News: It was hard to escape "iPhone fever" this week, as seemingly everyone had something to say about the not-yet-released device. A Microsoft high-up stated that the iPhone was "not an option" for business users, while a study found that nearly half of everyone surveyed knew about the phone, with 17% saying they planned on picking one up come late June. Both Cisco and Sling were talking, both with Apple and with the press about making the iPhone compatible with Cisco's ubiquitous office telephony systems and about streaming to the device. iPhone cases were spotted both online and at a Hong Kong trade show. Finally, with all this news surrounding iPhone, it's good to hear AT&T reassure the world that the iPhone is on schedule for an end of June release.

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