Real estate is a fun adventure for many reasons, including the possibility that the building's former owner may have left something behind. That was the case recently when an elderly woman bought a building in Japan's Chiba prefecture, only to discover the perfectly preserved remnants of an old arcade on two floors.

It's like a time capsule, as though the arcade's owner unwittingly beamed himself into one of the video games and never returned. (Yes, that is the plot to Tron.) A guy claiming to be the boyfriend of the woman's grand daughter uploaded nearly two hundred shots from inside the arcade, where he found everything from over 55 dusty but operational arcade consoles to discarded circuit boards and spare buttons.

The games present included everything from Donkey Kong to Tetris to no fewer than three different editions of Street Fighter.

Lucky for you, the woman doesn't seem interested in the arcade, and her granddaughter's boyfriend says he's shipping a bunch of the equipment to the United States. He's also taking pre-orders. "The Game Center closed down in the mid 90s, but for some reason there are a few newer machines (as in late 90s)," he explains in a forum post. "I don't know the whole story either." Just like in Tron. [Geek]