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This might be the scariest Doctor Who toy ever made

Illustration for article titled This might be the scariest iDoctor Who/i toy ever made

Would you like a jelly baby? No? Well then, gaze upon the petrifying plush gaze of Tom Baker, and DESPAIR.


This product from the depths of hell latest bit of merchandise from Doctor Who is ostensibly meant to be an adorable plush depiction of Tom Baker's fourth Doctor, but have a look at it yourself and decided if it's cute, or about to suck out your very soul:

Illustration for article titled This might be the scariest iDoctor Who/i toy ever made

Standing at 9 inches tall, this plushie Doctor depicted in his original costume comes from Underground Toys, and isn't just for hugging - squeezing the lil' Baker produces one of three phrases from the man himself!

Jesus Christ. The damn thing looks like that, and it talks. I'm not sleeping tonight. Or ever.

I mean, I suppose in a way it does manage to capture the manic, hilarious glare of Tom Baker at his most quirky, but it just does so in a way that is absolutely terrifying. I would not want to be in the same room as this plush when it's dark, its dead eyes boring into the very fibre of my being. If you want a hellish Fourth Doctor Plush of your own, it's due out in America in February of next year for an as yet undisclosed price. But what price could you possibly put on a face like that?

[Images via Doctor Who Merchandise Guide]

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Is it me or does it look like it's trying to cry?