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Whether he was a perverted old man, a cruel taskmaster, or just plain annoying, we've all had a bad boss at some point. There's a new website though—complete with a sexual harassment registry—that lets you vent about him.

The idea behind eBossWatch is to keep track of bad employers through user submissions. Basically you can add your boss to the site and explain if he fits the typical characteristics of a bad boss:

The following is a partial list of common actions that bad bosses use to bully their employees:

  • Personal insults, including sarcastic jokes and teasing
  • Invading one's "personal territory"
  • Uninvited physical contact
  • Threats and intimidation, both verbal and nonverbal
  • Rude interruptions
  • Two-faced attacks
  • Dirty looks
  • Treating employees as if they are invisible

Of course, you can also use the website to check if your next employer is a filthy pervert and listed on the sexual harassment registry portion of the site too. Either that or you can flip through the "worst bosses" section and be happy that you don't have it that bad at your current gig. [eBossWatch via Fast Company]


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