Apple Maps Are Getting Slightly Less Crappy in iOS 7

While the cross-platform integration of Apple's Maps was announced at WWDC earlier this summer, the latest beta build of iOS 7 shows one key change to the mobile version that makes it suck just a little bit less than before. But only slightly.


As noticed by an AppleInsider reader, the most notable change is a full screen mode that, well, goes full screen. By tapping the screen, it ditches the entire chrome whether you're in 3D, standard or flyover mode. Pinching to zoom, however, doesn't bring the chrome back and actually pulls up a dynamic graphic to show distance. Tapping with vigor anywhere on the screen will pull the chrome back.

Some graphical changes like the compass have also been made to the chrome but are likely subject to change since iOS 7 is still very much beta. Directions and location can also be shared via AirDrop to nearby users and an emailed location can be pulled up on any Mac running OS X Mavericks. Otherwise, you can share your location or directions via Twitter, Facebook, or standard message with an Apple Maps URL. You can also pick between driving and walking as a default for preferred directions. Diving into a particular location in this build doesn't present anything new other than apps that are nearby and popular, which doesn't seem helpful. Or maybe that's just me.

Full screen mode is a welcome change to iOS Maps and sorely needed but it still doesn't fix its core issue of sucking at being a useful Maps app. I mean, do I really need to input the city and zip code before it realizes that I'm asking for directions to a location in the city in which I'm actually searching? Let's hope Apple is fixing that as well! [Apple Insider]


Is there really a compelling reason to use anything other than Google Maps?