Is this the profanity-filled future of Doctor Who?

Until he was cast as the new Doctor this past weekend, Peter Capaldi was best known as the insanely profane Malcolm Tucker on the BBC's dark political comedy The Thick of It. It only took a day from someone to add the character's inspired obscenities to a Doctor Who trailer — and the results are gloriously NSFW.


I understand Doctor Who is a family show, and I'm pretty sure the Beeb frowns on using the c-word even once in its children's entertainment, but you can't deny the swearing would make Capaldi's Doctor instantly... unique. Seriously, the man curses like Michelangelo painted ceilings. You can listen to more of Malcolm Tucker's most inspired profanity from The Thick of It here.


Red Crown

"Run you clever boy."

"Oh fuck off!"

Anyone have a rag or towel I can use to wipe the large amount of drink from my screen? Anyone?