It Sure Looks Like the Tesla Driver Was Watching Harry Potter Before Fatal Crash

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There are some troubling new details about the deadly crash involving Tesla Autodrive. Police have confirmed that they found a DVD player in the car of a man who died earlier this week after his Telsa Model S hit a truck while in Autopilot mode. He was reportedly watching a Harry Potter movie when it happened.

Whether or not this played a role in the crash remains unclear. Our friends at Jalopnik have suggested that the Tesla Autopilot feature actually has a blind spot. Meanwhile, the driver was known for filming dashcam footage while listening to podcasts, so one could imagine that he became distracted. The incident is inevitably a complicated tragedy, one that the federal authorities are investigating closely. Autopilot or not, it’s not a good idea to watch a movie while driving.


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the big canadian

He was watchin the feature film when he shoulda been watchin the trailer!