Ellinikon International Airport, located in Athens, Greece, was shut down in 2001. The site has been left partially intact while development plans take place, and photographer Alexandros Lambrovassilis has been revisiting the site for years to document its remains.

Lambrovossalis, a frequent passer-by of the abandoned property, felt a strong connection to the history and personal memories of the airport and needed to document it. He was able to gain access with permission to take pictures, and over the course of seven years, revisited the site to capture the landscape of decommissioned aircrafts and ghostly passenger terminals.

The state of Ellinikon also represents the recent economic woes of Greece. Lambrovassalis tells us:

The location does not only reflect the financial crisis that hit Greece. To me, moreover, it clearly states the way the Greek administrations have been operating ever since I can remember. The abandonment is not just the aftermath of the crisis. It is clearly negligence and lack of inspired vision and planning, in other words incompetence...

However, his overall intentions touch on much more than economics or politics:

This documentation aims to raise awareness for the necessity and the importance to preserve and reintroduce the historic thread and collective memory of a place as such, in the process of transformation for the new use.

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