We know that Silicon Valley has a women problem, and it’s not just at Pied Piper. Even worse, perhaps, is what happens when these mostly-male tech companies are invited to talk about their success with other mostly-male tech companies at public events. It’s not at all unusual to see seven penises onstage without a vagina in sight.

While there have been many efforts devoted to rectifying this egregious oversight, the new Tumblr AllMalePanels is particular skewering. The site asks contributors to simply submit a screengrab or photo of the all-male panel in question, affixed with a thumbs up from David Hasselhoff, thanks to this Hoffsomerator tool. The visuals of these stages or webpages with infinite populations of old white dudes really say it all, there’s not much more to add.

It’s sad and funny but there is hope, in that some of these events have not happened yet—there’s still time! Hopefully organizers will see the error of their ways and try to add a bit of diversity to their lineups. And maybe—just maybe!—think twice about maybe asking at least one woman to share the stage next time. [AllMalePanels]