As far as post-apocalyptic, steampunk-themed trading ships go, this MOC build is pretty impressive. Jason Allemann's landship, Amagosa, is based on the "Strandbeest," a badass kinetic sculpture created by Theo Jansen. It's mesmerizing to watch this Lego machine in action, but the tarantula-esque movements of the walker sorta freak me out (in the sense that I'm reminded of the giant mechanical spider from that terrible film, Wild Wild West).

This remote-controlled build is powered by the Lego Power Functions system (including an IR receiver, battery box and two M-size motors), and Lego Technic elements for the frame, legs and crankship. Instructions for how to build the walking frame are available here. Pro-Tip: If you build one, wait 'til your girlfriend's asleep, then freak her out by having it crawl around the bed. [Flickr]


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