This Solar Powered Groot Is Clever, But Also The Stuff Of Nightmares

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It seems like perhaps the most obvious idea for a dancing Groot - just one of many that we've had since Guardians of the Galaxy came out. Watch the little twig that could wiggle about through the power of the Sun itself! But I don't think anyone accounted for it looking so spectacularly scary too.


Yes, we've had the Funko Pop, we've had the Hot Toys figure, we've had the model, we've got the official dancing version still to come - but now it's the turn of this solar powered version of everyone's favourite sentient tree.

The 6-inch tall Groot doesn't play The Jackson Five or anything, but instead just rocks and wiggles about whenever he's been exposed to sunlight, which is basically perfect for a tiny little plant fella in the first place. God knows how it took this long to do one, but considering we've had to wait yonks for anything Dancing Groot related, this is like the equivalent of waiting for a bus and 2 coming along at once. But you know, with more merchandise!

As great an idea it is though, I think the execution - turning Groot into something that actively looks like it would try to consume your soul if you stared at it for more than a few moments - leaves a little to be desired though. At least it doesn't look as weirdly phallic as the other official Dancing Groot does.

Solar Groot will be here to dance for your pleasure/haunt your nightmares in May. You can currently preorder one for $13 on Entertainment Earth.

[via Nerd Approved]

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