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Jack Bauer's Newest Gadget: the Apple Tablet

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

According to Rodney Charters, director of photography on 24, print media might not be the only thing Apple's tablet is saving in coming months. Charters cheerfully Tweeted that Jack Bauer might wield the ubergadget later this season on 24.


The production team on the show, which recently aired the fifth episode of its eighth season, is apparently working behind the scenes to outfit its hero with Apple's forthcoming device. This morning Charters announced:

Hmmmm looks like we may get an iSlate into Jacks hands for Ep 20 getting giddy with excitement


and later updated, with a bit more certainty

Got a bit too excited probably more likely Episode 22 but Apple provided fingers crossed

In any event, it's a testament to the hype surrounding the device that it's even managed to make its way into the dreams of fictional characters. I'm sure Jack, too, is giddy with excitement. [Rodney Charters]